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(snipped and re-made from midi)
Nevara Harbinger, wandering Ranger
Character Details
Orientation: Pansexual (yeah that works)
Species: Human/raven
Height/Length: 5'11/ 6'6
Build: muscular
Age: 23
Eye color: Lilac
Hair: green / black
Weight: 180 lbs.
Personality: loyal once earned, quiet, strong, short temper
Partner/Mate/Lover: Zack Hawthorne and Kaiden Hawthorne
Relationship: Engaged
Gender: Female
Fur/skin color: Caucasian / black feathers
Apparent Age: 23
Strengths, talents, and points of pride: tracking, animal handling, plant knowledge, fighting skills
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: hates the cities, or being indoors in general, temper, lack of control of her other form
Favored drink:meade
Favored food:dolyak roast
Favored weather or season: Winter, rain and snow
Favored color: purple

Medical Profile
Patient Name:Nevara
Age: 23
Race and Gender:Norn, Female
Height and Weight: 5'11, 180
Blood type (Left blank if Sylvari): O positive
Married / engaged: None
History of Depression or Anxiety: no history
History of Behavioral Issues: loses temper quickly when those close are in danger
History of Heart Problems: None
Recent illness / injuries:none
Notable scars or deformities: Many claw  marks, some scarred to various degrees. Other marks from battles fought. She is proud of her scars as they are her record of her life. Deep puncture wound scars at base of neck at shoulder.
Special needs / Instructions for care: Do not separate the snow leopard from the patient, it will not end well.

Nevara was given to raven as a child by her parents. at a young age, she was teased relentlessly for her lack of height. Being one of the smallest norns in the city, she was constantly mistaken for a human. When she slayed Issomir, and took it's tooth, she earned her tattoos and promptly left the city. Taking her companion Icefang, they wandered endlessly in Tyria looking for something, anything. New sights, acceptance. She rarely returns to Holbrek, though she does enjoy the outskirts.

The child of raven has gained control of not only her wings, but after having a spirit of raven fly through her, also her shifted raven form; though not instant like Zack, she can shift with some effort. She has laid down her sword in exchange for a staff, and has become a caregiver. Gone is the bloodlust and battle rage, though she still does have her temper, she is much longer fused now, and can at least try to control the wild shift.
Although Icefang may not accompany her out into the wilds as much anymore, He still guards the inn in Queensdale happily. He has handed over the title of guardian to Aiden and Dizzy, who together protect Nevara in her further ventures of Tyria.

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