Ancient Tome Investigation Notes

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Ancient Tome Investigation Notes

Post by Azhreal Geargrind on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:42 pm

Ancient tome investigation day one:

as you look through the book you realise it’s a collection of ancient forbidden necromancy spells that realate to taking over and controlling other races the book seems to have had many authors and was passed down from master to teacher of the centuries the last several sections all seem to have been written by the same person probably a female by the penmanship the last few pages seem fresh compared to the rest maybe only a few weeks old these newer sections read more like a diary than a spellbook and contains rantings about imprisioment and plans to later take revenge it also talks of a tomb deep in orr the author vows that when she escapes and regains her source of power that the followers of the five took from her she will finish abbadons work in the margins of some of the pages are some odd sketches of something box like with no detail and pits about charms to keep the box and thus herself safe. The diry also speaks of the autor being able to feel her source of power she feels that as she gets closer to its location she can feel her power returning In a protion of the spell book it talks about minion puppets who have lost control over their own actions the spell book talks about the puppets being controleed by scrolls

day two:
many of the spells in the beginning of the spell book portion deal with raising the dead, and the flesh craft of minions many of the spells any basic necromancer would learn there are a few spells on summoning multiple flesh golums along with different commands and controls for them as you continue through this portion it begins to get into the control and manipulation of races of tyria starting with the lesser races like skritt and grawl then moving up to the higher races noting much mentioned on sylvari at this point and not much on asura proving the age of these early spells these spells start off stating that the one to be controlled must die first and then summoned into a minion written in the margins in the same penmanship as the diary are notes on sylvari and asura as well as notes on controlling the living without a completel death mentioning a posion that brings the person into a near death state allowing the same contro, these notes seem to have been partially scratched out newer notes have been added in these new notes detail taking the life force of another and sealing it away into items and spells to control the individual mentioning that sylvari are the easiest to do this too their so easily courpted it also mentiones that asura are harder to get to as they are not as weak willed as some of the other races age also plays a role in how easy it is to control someone as well as intelegence futher into the book it speaks of soul binding of the necromancer themselves and of the dangers of doing so it may grant a form of immortality but it has its costs if a necromancer is well trained enough they can sence the soul items so they must be heavily guarded there are a few drawings of something that appears to be an ancient log carved into a solid block with a few partial scribblings some of these scribblings look similar to the marks necromancers use with their staffs unfortunately there are several pages missing

day three:

there are a few older sketches of some basic looking boxes with heavy latches and locks as the pages get newer the boxes depicted on them look like their getting more advanced noting different spells that allow only the owner or one who knows the charms to gain access one of these boxes talks about drawings that when activated will open the box the pictures with these notes show something like a heavy wooden lockbox with a massive padlock and an intricate symbol on it the symbol looks like the chillbanes symbol necromancers use beyond this drawing there are pages missing there are small bits of writing on the torn out pages on the page after the missing section there are very faint imprints from the writing on the page before about the only thing you can make out is another box like shape  the exact writings didn’t leave enough of an imprint to be readable these pages still seem rather old centuries older than the diary entries which only seem about a year old. through the diary part  there are small scribblings of the same image over and over again though no information on what the drawing is for.

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